Clarity for end of life choices.

Let’s talk about death, shall we? I mean to say that we all know something about death. We all know of someone who isn’t here anymore. But it’s just not something that we talk about. It’s uncomfortable to even think about; the idea that we will come to an end. It’s morbid. It’s depressing. We have plenty of time to think about all that sad stuff later. Right?

The trouble is, you think you have time. And then you don’t. Not one person who died today woke up with the plan to do that. Nine minutes to 99 years, we all come to an end, and absolutely no one is ready.

That’s where I come in. I have made it my business to learn everything I can about how to be prepared for the inevitable end. It started out of curiosity and concern about an aging parent. It morphed into an obsession to teach my children the final lesson a parent can teach – how to have a good death. There is so much to navigate in our modern, and frankly death phobic, society. I am still learning. I want to share this wisdom with you.

What I can offer you…

What I offer regarding PAPERWORK

Maybe you started to work on this and then it got shuffled into a pile on your desk. Maybe you did this years ago, but things have changed and you haven’t updated it. Maybe you don’t know where to start. I can offer objective and current information on what documents you should have in place for Washington State. I can walk you through those documents and offer insight into the implications of the decisions that you make. I will not offer you legal or medical advice, but I can refer you to people who can. If you choose to go forward with a package, I will follow up with you until it is done. (I have plenty of Mom nagging experience to fall back on.)

Hourly rate$35
Package starts at$150

What I offer regarding PUBLIC SPEAKING

I love, love, love to talk about end of life choices. I love to share information and to make the lights come on. I am passionate about taking back our dying from BIG FUNERAL – my term for the often unscrupulous and downright predatory funeral industry in America. I will talk ad nauseum to anyone who wants to learn more about the end and how to make it kinder and more dignified. I offer talks for businesses, private groups (think Tupperware party with less pressure to buy,) and non-profit organizations.

Fees vary and may be waived.

What I offer regarding COMPASSION CARE

Sharing time with the dying is one of the greatest gifts that I have ever had the privilege to experience. Every being deserves to come to the end of their journey in comfort and dignity. What that means to you is what is important to me. I’ll be your ally, your advocate, and your companion to the end.

Compassion care is a voluntary service.


How hard is it to make that will, think about end of life care, who will be with me, do I want nutrition or not, do I want CPR?  So many questions and so hard to talk about–

I had been dragging my feet for years on updating my will and then making decisions on my care, if necessary—there are so many laws that can govern this UNLESS we decide before what we want.  And what does all this mean—durable power of attorney, health care, etc?

I have known Trish for many years and we would talk about this and she would ask if I had addressed all this yet?  I can now say, thanks to her, I have.  I met with her several times and she explained all the different choices and answered my questions. She was so understanding about my concerns; shared a video to further my learning  Also, invited two friends to join me and having a small group facilitated more questions that needed answering.  I can highly recommend Trish –making this subject of “End of Life” clear and comfortable—with such caring and understanding!  I now feel that it will be so much easier for my children as the hard decisions are made and Trish is available for them to consult. I have also asked her to be my doula, if my children are not here—-I won’t be alone..

— Valerie Long Anacortes,WA

According to John O’Donahue, the Anam Cara is an essential and integral part of spiritual development, a compassionate presence, a teacher, companion, and a spiritual guide.

Trish is all of these and more. Her ability to be physical and spiritually present in another’s life is remarkable. Her humanness, kindness and understanding of the end of life and dying journey allows her to walk this path and bring peace to those who enlist her aid.

I am honored to recommend Trish for anyone who is preparing for this journey or who is actively walking this path.

Leslie Mahoney, RN

Former Hospice Director and Case Manager

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